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Where do we source our meat from?

We source all our meat from accredited RMAA (Red Meat Abattoir Association) suppliers and abattoirs only. This ensures that the meat is from facilities that comply to certain standards , both in the treatment of animals, and in the way the meat is handled and delivered to us. We source mainly grain fed beef and free-range lamb, where we have traceability back to the suppliers. All our cuts are Grade A2 or A3. For an explanation of how meat is graded see here.

Ageing Meat

The tenderness of meat is mainly affected by 2 factors: the cut of meat (e.g fillet , rump etc.) and whether the meat is aged. Wet ageing, which is what we do at Meramist PTY LTD, involves leaving the primal cut to rest in a vacuum bag in a refrigerated room for a period of time and achieves excellent results, particularly with premium cuts of meat. It costs a lot of money to sit on stocks of beef for many weeks when the suppliers want to be paid in less than 7 days. Many butcheries are therefore unwilling to age their prime cuts. However, we at Meramist PTY LTD, i have a purpose built room to age our best cuts for between 14 and 28 days. Our steaks are typically aged for at least 21 days. Meramist PTY LTD, uses A2 and A3 for all its premium cuts of meat. Grades “B” and “C”, while less tender, generally indicate that the meat was sourced from older livestock, but much of this meat may be free-range or grass fed. If correctly aged and suitably prepared, it can just as delicious as the best grades.

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